Kepler Finance has been launched in December’2018 as a free curated blockchain industry database. Since then, we have helped thousands of blockchain professionals make the right investment decisions and find trustworthy vendors for their projects.

Technology affects our lives, both positively and negatively. It has a significant impact on our way of thinking, communicating, and socializing with other people. So, how has technology changed our lives?

TeqAtlas talked to Sean Nasiri, Head of Operations and Business Development at Tokensoft - a token issuance platform that helped the Digital Securities Market pioneers raise nearly $500 million by now. Read on to learn about the successful fundraising cases and difficulties, plans and accomplishments of the team.

TeqAtlas has put together an authoritative forecast of tokenized securities market development for 2019. Security Token Offering (STO) is rapidly growing as a more trusted and convenient way of fundraising. We’ve asked digital securities market pioneers to give their strategic views and insights on the future of the market.

Cryptocurrency companies choosing how to monetize are faced with a lot of options. A year after the boom that brought cryptocurrency from a multi-million dollar industry to a multi-billion dollar industry, a number of cryptocurrency exchanges and other kinds of crypto companies have found themselves at a crossroads.