Get commitments from investors
right at the Web Summit
Special offer for Startups looking for investments
Thousands of investors attend Web Summit every year.
Yet it's hard to stand out from the crowd and pitch investors. A lot of noise & unstructured pitching make it extremely hard for founders.

TeQatlas has a solution!
Introducing you - The Dossier.
Consisting of 7 sections, TeQatlas Dossier covers everything investors would like to know from the initial encounter.

The Dossier allows investors to shortlist your Startup and easily contact you after the Web Summit
  • All Company info in one place
    After working with hundreds of investors, we've structured the Dossier just how they would like to explore your company.
  • Easy access via QR code
    Submit info about your company in the Dossier, generate a unique QR code and share it with investors. Anywhere, anytime.
  • Pitch & receive commitments
    After exploring your pitch info and your fundraising needs, investors can message you & make commitments. Within seconds!
Wait... there is more!
With TeQatlas, you can connect with investors even after Web Summit and outside of the events. Using our network, consisting of 2000+ active investors, you will be able to find and outreach investors worldwide.

Get in touch with your investor with an easy to share Dossier in your pocket!
Investors looking for investment opportunities on TeQatlas
18.37 trillion
Investor-investee data pairs that we've processed
Startups already started fundraising with TeQatlas
Finally someone cracked the challenge of bringing investors and great initiatives together on one, digital flow surrounding from meeting to investing.
Ayşe Pehlivaner
Business, Strategy and Investment Management Advisor at Topan®
Using TeQatlas Dossier on Web Summit is amazing opportunity to get on the investors' radar
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