TeQatlas supporting Ukrainian startups
Here you can explore and support the actions initiated by our team.
Our Ukrainian team can not stand aside and will put all the efforts into supporting Ukrainian startups and do let not any of them close for funding reasons.
For additional help we will involve our partners and assist startups with all possible expertise needed to withstand and prosper.
We commit to help Ukrainian businesses and make sure TeQatlas platform benefits them more than ever.
Most importantly, we do not only support Ukrainian businesses, but we also donate all the money earned after deals closed to Ukrainian humanitarian aid funds.
28% of Ukrainian startups were shut down during the war
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What we can offer to businesses:
Get global visibility for investors through TeQatlas platform
Use the perks from our partners to save capital for what's important
Accelerate raising capital process with TeQatlas AI and with the dedication of our team
Get global awareness through TeQatlas and partners network. We will expose what Ukrainian projects joined the Initiative in social media and newsletters
I’m a Ukrainian startup founder, how do I get help?
150 Ukrainian startups have taken part in the survey conducted by Ukrainian Startup Fund. Read more
Help entrepreneurs survive this difficult time of war
Investors and partners from all over the world, if you can provide any help or want to invest in Ukrainian businesses - join the forces!
I’m an investor, how can I support?
Boycott Russian businesses
​​Appealing to the world community of investors and entrepreneurs
Stop cooperation with Russia and sponsoring the war. Paying taxes in Russia means financing their military.
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Apply for help
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