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United States

Vidy is the decentralized video ad distributor that embeds video ads behind the text of web pages via an NLP consensus-layer. With just a hold, users ...

  • Decentralized Advertising Exchange
  • Digital Advertising Solutions
  • Blockchain

Founded in 2018, Viejo San Juan Comunidad RE Fund, LLC is the investment fund offers a unique opportunity for investment, with a lifestyle offering th...

  • PropTech
  • Blockchain
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United Kingdom

Viewly is a decentralised video platform, powered by the Blockchain and peer-to-peer video sharing. It owns and develops a social media platform. Its ...

  • Social Network
  • Blockchain

Vikasa Studios is a venture studio and think tank constantly focused on developing, growing and expanding understanding of emerging sciences and techn...

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    Founded in 2015, VIMANA Global Inc is blockchain-regulated Airspace Ecosystem, headquarter in Vaduz, Liechtenstein with additional offices in UAE, Ch...

    • Mobility Tech
    • Blockchain
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    New Zealand

    Vimba (previously called MyCryptoSaver) provides a simple and easy way to buy, sell and save Bitcoin and Ethereum from NZ and the UK, since 2014. Vimb...

    • FinTech
    • Blockchain