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Qbao Network is a multifunctional cross-chain crypto wallet with cryptocurrency exchange, payments system, social media and DApp Store. Qbao Network i...

  • FinTech
  • Blockchain
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QED-it Systems Ltd. developed Zero-Knowledge Blockchain, a protocol which combines Enterprise Blockchain with Zero-Knowledge Proof cryptography. Mento...

  • Computing & Data Management
  • Blockchain
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Qibixx offers consulting, development and production of innovative hardware solutions with customized software. The team consists of experts in Blueto...

  • IoT Data Sharing
  • IoT Sensor
  • Internet of Things

qiibee is revolutionizing the loyalty market since 2012, by offering a blockchain-based loyalty ecosystem, on which every brand can build its very own...

  • Loyalty Programs
  • API
  • Blockchain
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Hong Kong

Qlink is a decentralized global Wi-Fi sharing network. Users can share their spare or idle WiFi and be rewarded with Qlink Token. A decentralized bill...

  • Internet & Telecommunications
  • Blockchain
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QRC Group

United Kingdom

QRC provides RegTech solutions for the blockchain industry, takes compliance seriously, and helps businesses meet regulatory requirements anywhere. QR...

  • RegTech
  • Blockchain