Advanced Opportunities for Vendors

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Submit your Company

TeqAtlas is a platform that reaches thousands of professionals looking to improve their business with emerging technologies. Adding your company profile will help you reach the audience without any effort. Click the 'Submit' button and fill in a short form. This information will be shown on your company's public profile.

Investment Opportunities

TeqAtlas is free for any company, intermediary or investment firm looking to sell a business or raise capital. In just a few easy steps TeqAtlas helps companies get on the radar of potential investors and strategic acquirers.

Verified Profile

Transparent companies with proven track record that meet the requirements of TeqAtlas verification process can receive a 'Verified Profile'. It gives your business the advantage you need to win a client or attract new leads to your products or services.

Featured and Premium Listing

TeqAtlas Featured Listing and Premium Listing will make sure your products and services are seen by as many clients as possible. By including the Featured Listing as part of your package, you are guaranteed to have your company listed on top of every search with matching criteria.

Content Sponsorships

We collaborate with leading Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things companies, conferences, and organizations across the globe to bring data-driven intelligence to their audiences. Contact TeqAtlas media team to find out more about sponsorship opportunities for your firm.


TeqAtlas offers vendors the opportunity to connect with an audience highly-engaged in emerging technologies market. Contact us to find out more opportunities, such as custom ad units or affiliate partnerships.

Custom Research

Custom Research Services provide clients with the unique information they need to stay ahead of the competition in today's fast-paced business environment. We provide a spectrum of research services, from day-to-day information needs to complex research solutions.