Emerging Technologies For SMEs

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Covered in this Research

The emerging contours of the modern digital world in the Fourth Industrial Revolution are rapidly becoming a lived reality for millions of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the globe. The opportunities brought by new technologies and societal progress are enormous, yet depend crucially on the ability of all concerned stakeholders to instigate new business approaches. Being able to react swiftly to changes in the market situation is a must, and high-tech decision-makers are looking for every advantage.

The TeqAtlas’s research shows that while some companies are aggressively developing projects based on emerging technologies, others are either unaware or stumped by a multitude of new technologies. We investigated a number of case studies describing how solutions based on emerging technologies solve the problems faced by modern SMEs. The purpose of this research is to provide those SMEs all around the world that are interested in high-end tech adoption with insights on already existing solutions and guidance on how to properly start the first project. We mainly focused the research on solutions based on underlying technologies such as Blockchain, AI, and IoT.

Every few years, we see new emerging technology. Smartphones, the internet and even personal computers were once emerging technologies. The lessons learned from those are that in the early stages, there are rapid advancements in the technology before the sector matures. The sweet spot is to get in on the early majority. That allows one to take advantage of the leg up quickly this gives you over competitors while not having to do as much work as the early adopters

– Dave McKay, Head of Global Solutions at MLG Blockchain

Questions Answered

  1. The advantages of a decentralized approach in business models.
  2. What the current consumer spending behavior trends are and how to adjust to them?
  3. What’s the real value of AI for the business and how to capitalize it?
  4. How to increase sales with automated and personalized offers?
  5. How to address a lack of trust, transparency, automation, and security in business processes?
  6. What withholds companies from integrating high-end tech solutions into their business?
  7. What do C-level executives say about their experience with advanced technology?
  8. How to make a high-end tech project most likely to succeed?
  9. Where to begin once one chooses to harness the power of AI within their customer relationship workflow?