TeQatlas exists to eliminate the difficulties of the private equity market.
about us
Transforming our solid investment experience
We believe that the equality of opportunities, which include capital, expertise and networks, will boost
human progress globally.
We have a vision
TeQatlas is more than a matchmaking platform and an investment management tool.
Our mission is to revolutionise how companies manage capital by creating a new infrastructure for value-driven people.
Every business is unique. We strive to build an ecosystem that makes you visible and helps to bring the individual character, thinking, and approach to the industry.
At TeQatlas, the main pillars of trust are transparency, immutability, and commitment. We cheer openness backed by safe communications and fair transactions.
We reckon that progress happens by bringing together value-driven people who are forward-looking and have the influence to make positive change.
We believe the power of AI and automation will significantly decrease the routine and result in faster time to insight and action.
Stand out from the crowd
Join a trustful community
Create in a collaboration
Save time for the important
What we stand for:
We believe that the traditional method of finding and investing capital is way too outdated. We experienced ourselves 180+ market inefficiencies being investors and building companies at scale for years.

Our team has accumulated expertise from both sides of the capital raising market. Together we created a couple of investment funds, successfully managed a portfolio of 50 investments in deep-tech, carefully selected from 2,000+ screened projects.
We are making it happen
We’re reinventing the whole process of investment experience, giving people equal access to investment opportunities
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